Steps and Fees: Award for Interior Design Impact

The Award for Interior Design Impact was introduced in 2015 and runs in parallel with the Awards for Australian Interior Design. Its purpose is to recognise the transformative effect that design can have on the organisational outcomes of clients, relying on data as a fundamental selection criterion. In recognition of the truly collaborative design process required to achieve such a transformation, this award is granted to both the client and the design practice.

Projects must have been completed prior to 31 August 2016 and may have been previously entered into this program. A summary of the entry process, award categories, written criteria, entry conditions and timeline is available here for download (PDF).

There are three simple steps involved in submitting your entry for this part of the program.

1. Register or Log In

If you haven’t already registered or submitted an entry for this year’s program, you will need to register. This creates your account so you can make online project submissions, which you manage and may edit up until submissions close. Once you have commenced your submission, you can log in and out at any time without losing submission data. If you have already registered or submitted into the 2018 program, you can log in from the home page using your email address and password.

2. Create Entry Submission

Before beginning your entry submission, read the Entry Conditions and General Conditions. Submitting an entry means that you have read and agreed to all the conditions, including obtaining appropriate releases and authorities in writing from your client, photographer and, where applicable, the principal of the design practice.

You will be prompted to respond to specific written criteria (details following) and upload supporting materials (images, floorplan, client statements etc) in your secure area. Remember that you can log in and out without losing submission materials.

Submission Requirements

You must submit 6 to 10 images (not visualisations) of your project in high resolution format. These should be a mix of images dating from project completion to the present day. To allow the jury to ascertain when the images date from, include the date in the image name (MMYY). You can set the order in which images will be displayed when you are uploading JPG files in the entry form.

Use the highest JPG quality setting available. TIF images will not be accepted. Submit JPG images that are at least 3500 pixels wide, with a file size no larger than 20 MB. Images of at least 4500 pixels wide are preferred and will enable a higher quality print coverage.

If your images are coming in above the 20MB size limit, try re-saving them in Photoshop and reducing the JPEG compression level to 8.

To maintain anonymity during judging, no design practice names may appear on images, floorplans, written support materials or videos, however client names may be included.

Drawings, plans and elevations
You should also submit up to 5 relevant drawings in vector-based PDF format (site plan, floor plan, sections, elevations and/or any other relevant drawings, model or concept diagrams), with a file size no larger than 10 MB. Drawings must include a scale bar, key and north point.

Client statement
You must submit a client statement, with a word limit of 400, uploaded in PDF format. The client representative must comment on the return on investment in the interior design project and verify the entry claims and data. The statement should provide approval for the project’s entry and for a jury visit, should it be shortlisted, and must be signed and dated by the client representative within 4 months of submission date.

You may submit a short 90 second video as supporting material. Simply upload your video to Vimeo or YouTube and include the URL where prompted, as a part of the entry process.

3. Entry Submission and Payment

Once you have completed step two (above) you may pay and submit your project.

Each entry for the Award for Interior Design Impact is charged at $695.

Members of the Design Institute of Australia receive a 33% discount on entry fees. Non-members entering multiple projects may find it more cost effective to apply for membership so they can access the discounted entry fee option.

Each submission and payment is confirmed by the issuing of a tax receipt, sent to your email address. Retain a copy for taxation purposes.

Visa, Mastercard and Amex are accepted.