Madeline Sewall

Portrait of Madeline Sewall

Director of Houses, Breathe


Madeline Sewall is the director of houses at Breathe Architecture. Since commencing work at Breathe Architecture in 2014, she has lead projects and managed teams across a variety of sizes and typologies, ranging from home renovations to multiresidential projects such as Nightingale Village.

With her team, Madeline specializes in the design of sustainable, meaningful and loveable homes, working closely with families and builders on collaborative projects that have positive impact.

In the face of a climate and biodiversity crisis, Madeline is passionate about making sustainable architecture accessible and understandable to a wide audience. She contributes generously to the architecture industry and wider community through her participation in design media, TV, YouTube, podcasts, radio, panels, juries, committees, mentoring and more. She was awarded the Dulux Study Tour Prize in 2021 as recognition of these efforts.