Geraldine Maher

Portrait of Geraldine Maher

Geraldine Maher Design

Jury Chair

Geraldine Maher’s critical attention to design brings an inherent authenticity to her work. With an amassed twenty plus years experience, Geraldine continues to be highly motivated, evidenced by her rigorous commitment to exploration of ideas, spatial planning, material and detail. She applies skill, energy, intelligence and passion to the design of interiors.

Geraldine has recently embarked on establishing her own design consultancy after several successful years as a Director of Jackson Interiors and Principal of Jackson Architecture in Melbourne. Geraldine leads with thoughtfulness and distinction. Her work is predicated on the belief that acknowledgment of the human circumstance is the driving force behind creative and inspirational architectural outcomes. She possesses a particular passion for civic projects that contribute to the fabric of society, are enduring and engage people.

Geraldine’s excellent design and planning skills have consistently proven to be a powerful asset. Her dedication to pushing the design envelope and commitment to keeping up to date with advancements in the field, have resulted in inspiring, innovative and functional environments. Importantly, Geraldine has the ability to embrace the streams of functional planning, spatial aesthetics and detailing to create holistic memorable spaces that exceed expectations.

Geraldine possesses the intelligence and ability to design beyond aesthetics to address the emotional, civic, functional and human aspects of interior space. This is demonstrated in a diverse range of significant projects in which she has had a pivotal lead design role.

Geraldine’s reputation in the industry is highly regarded. She enjoys rigorous discourse on design with her friends, colleagues and clients. In addition to her design work, Geraldine contributes to various events as guest speaker, sits on academic assessment panels and award juries and regularly tutors. She is currently undertaking select design commissions and consulting to the industry and clients. Her most recent projects include; the new West Australian Supreme Court with Jackson Architecture, the upgrade of the Forum Theatre in Melbourne, The Monash Law Faculty Moot Court with JCB architects and her own never-to- be completed, dwelling in the bush, which she uses as a prototype for testing ideas and cataloguing experiences.

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